With the Government pledging to build a million new homes, this is a genuinely helpful and theologically literate resource

Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas
By Penny Marsh & Alison Boulton
Grove Evangelism Ev113
ISBN: 978 1 85174 965 2
Reviewed by Simon Taylor

A few weeks ago the Housing and Planning Act received Royal Assent as part of the government’s programme to encourage new homes to be built quicker and enable more people to buy their own home. This government has pledged to build a million new homes, many of which will be in new estates or villages.

Churches will continue to learn that new communities are to be constructed near them so this new Grove booklet is timely.

The booklet is subtitled Personal Reflections and a Practical Guide and emerges from the wide experience in new housing areas of Penny Marsh and Ali Boulton, both church planters and Baptist ministers.



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